Bank Import

Bank Import

Import. Post. Reconcile.
Accelerate your fund accounting with the new Fundwave Bank Import. Record transactions and reconcile your books. Now at a tap.

August 2019

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Sync Exchange Rates with

Sync Exchange Rates with

FX rates import made easy. Connect with and sync historical exchange rates on Fundwave with a single tap.

January 2019

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BCC on Emails

BCC on Emails to keep the team updated

Keep your team members updated when sending important documents such as reports and notices to your investors by copying them on emails.

December 2018

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Loan Schedules

Now generate loan amortization schedules and track your cash flows at a tap of a button. Select from multiple loan types – EMI, Fixed Principal Repayments and Bullet Repayments.

November 2018

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Faster Allocations

Faster Allocations

Fundwave has just become snappier. In the latest update, we’ve simplified allocations between investors such that they happen almost instantly, even for a large number of investors.
We achieve this by skipping many scenarios that don’t apply to your fund.

March 2018


Loan Calculation at the tap of a button

Now automatically calculate interest on a loan or a convertible note to your portfolio companies at a tap of a button. As usual, you can select from multiple financial calendars and there is an option to accrue interest if you prefer.

Forecast Investment IRRs

Forecast Investment IRRs

In addition to scenarios for investor transactions to forecast carried interest, you can now create scenarios with investment cashflows to forecast Investment IRR’s.

August 2017

Exit Waterfall

Exit Waterfall

Enter an exit valuation and find out which class of shares receives how much value after considering liquidation preferences, participation & caps.

July 2017

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Convertible Notes

Convertible Notes

Model convertible notes, modify valuation caps and discount rates to know shares and value after conversion.

June 2017

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New Analysis Dashboard

Detailed Dashboard

Introducing new flexible widgets that you can drag and drop on your analysis dashboards.

September 2016

Metrics on Transactions

Metrics for Investment Transactions

Now record key metrics such as pre-money valuation, post-money valuation, raise and fully diluted stake when recording a investment transaction.

August 2016

More Reports

Detailed Dashboard

More standard reports added to the pack. Reach us via the ‘Contact Us’ page for samples.

May 2016

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Trial Balance Drill Down

Trial Balance Drill Down

Accountants rejoice! We’ve added a new intuitive user interface to interact with your trial balance, and drill down to see the associated journals of the selected account codes.

April 2016

Reporting Framework Variables

Variable Reporting Framework

More power to our flexible reporting framework with new pre-defined variables such as IRR.

March 2016

EVCA Reporting Standard

EVCA Reports

We’ve stitched together all the reports suggested in the European Venture Capital Association guidelines in a single quarterly package you can send to your investors.
Ask for a sample from our Contact Us page.

February 2016

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Investor Portal

Investor Portal

Introducing our investor portal where your investors can log-in and view capital notices and reports.

January 2016

Investor Portal

Portfolio Metrics for Excel

Add-in for Portfolio Management

Help your portfolio companies report smarter with our Portfolio Management Software. Instead of manually entering portfolio metrics on a web browser, your portfolio companies can directly submit their metrics from their spreadsheets using our Portfolio Metrics Add-in for Excel. Finally, you can spend less time collecting data and give more time to analysis of your data.

December 2015

Get it from the Microsoft Ofice Store.

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Waterfall Scenarios

Combine Data

Combine your actual and forecasted data to predict your carry at a tap. You can create any number of scenarios to model different situations no matter how complicated your waterfall model.

Manage Cashflows

You can add or remove expected cashflows for the fund. Fundwave will instantly allocate the cashflows to calculate the individual carry chargeable for your LP’s automatically.

November 2015

Foreign Exchange Gain

Foreign Exchange Gain

With the update this month, you can automatically allocate your unrealized gain between F/X gain and Non F/X gain when doing valuations for your assets.

Rates & Exchange Rates

Rates & Exchange Rates

You can now track rates mentioned in your LPA such as Prime Rate, LIBOR or simply currency exchange rates making it a breeze to perform subsequent investor closes and periodic valuations.

October 2015

Layered Waterfall

Layered Waterfall

When working with top performing fund managers, crossing the next hurdle is just a matter of time. The new layered hurdles on Fundwave will allow you to vary your carried interest and GP catch-up for each hurdle in your waterfall model, so you can easily calculate your carried interest whether you follow a fund as a whole or a deal by deal waterfall. Over to you, fund managers, to reach the next hurdle faster!

September 2015

Portfolio Management

Fundwave’s new portfolio management tool is out for early feedback. From portfolio monitoring to variance analysis on returns, get an early view of the features that you need. See the deck below, or ask for a demo!

New ILPA & AVCAL Reports

We’ve added a couple of new default reports based on the formats designed by the Institutional Limited Partners Association & the Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association respectively.

August 2015

Activity Feed and Audit Trial

Activity Report

Stay updated of what’s happening in your fund using the new user activity feed on your Fundwave dashboard.
Keep complete track of who created, and emailed a notice or a report. Awe your auditors with the ability to trace a journal entry to the user who prepared it.

Export to Excel

Now almost any data on your Fundwave app can be exported to Excel, by a simple tap of a button.

July 2015

Custom Allocation Variables

Custom Allocation Variables

With Fundwave’s DIY reporting framework out in April, you could already define your own variables based on accounting heads, or as a combination of other variables. Now, you can even use your custom defined variables as an allocation basis. So whether you want to allocate on commitment, undrawn commitment or any other variable, consider it done.

June 2015

MS-Excel Report Builder

Excel Report Builder

Presenting our new report building add-on that allows you to add your self defined variables to create custom templates based on MS-Excel. Get it from the Microsoft office store.

May 2015

DIY Reporting framework DIY Reporting Framework

With Fundwave’s new reporting framework, say goodbye to mail merge, crystal reports and those endless conference calls to request customizations. You now have the ability to define your own variables and reporting formats using your favorite MS Office tools.
What’s more, your variables can be linked to your chart of accounts, offering a seamless integration between your accounting and LP reporting.

April 2015

Data Filters and Drill Downs

Data Filters

With Fundwave’s new reporting framework, say goodbye to mail merge, crystal reports and those endless conference calls to request customizations. You now have the ability to define your own variables and reporting formats using your favorite MS Office tools.
What’s more, your variables can be linked to your chart of accounts, offering a seamless integration between your accounting and LP reporting.

March 2015

Reports across funds

Do you have common investors across your funds? Now choose to send a consolidated overview of your investors’ data in a single report.

Template & Allocation Key Previews

Now toggle select available reporting templates on the go or upload your own DIY report template. Also, allocations keys can now be previewed and edited in a more intuitive interface, offering greater transparency and ease of use.

February 2015

Multiple Chart of Accounts

Are you adminstering more than one fund with Fundwave? Life has just been made easy on Fundwave with multiple chart of accounts. Now you can create a chart of accounts for each fund, or continue using a single chart of accounts across funds.

Syndicate Carry

Crowdfunds rejoice. No longer will you have to resort to your spreadsheets to calculate carry chargeable to your investors. Fundwave can now define carry by recipient type, so you can, for instance, pay a 5% carry to the GP’s and a 20% carry to the Syndicate Lead.

January 2015

Holiday Goodies

This holiday, we have made life even simpler for Fundwave users by tweaking the user interface to make things even simpler:
  1. Open your Fundwave instance to discover a new ‘Create’ panel that pops up on your command.
  2. Dropdown the transaction heads, analysis codes or account codes menu to find a new option to add a new record.

Partial Settlement of Journals

In yet another feature upgrade to our accounting module, we have added the ability to settle accounts partially at a tap of a button. All related journals continue to be linked together so that your accounts are always at a tap of your fingers.

Drill-down Financial Statements

Drill down into your balance sheet, profit & loss and trial balance with an option to break up numbers by each asset account or analysis code.

December 2014

Analysis Codes

Our accounting module just got a shot in the arm with a bunch of new features and reports. We’ve introduced analysis codes that help you extract deeper analytics from your accounting entries, such as vendor specific balances.
In addition, this month we have added the functionality to generate your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss statement right from Fundwave!

November 2014

Automated Journal Settlement

Your General Ledger generation was already automated, saving you days of frustrating manual GL entries. With this update, the relevant GL entries can even be settled in a couple of taps.

Automated Cost of Sales Calculation

We’ve made it even easier to book realization transactions. Our one-tap interface supports Weighted Average, FIFO and LIFO to automatically create the corresponding cost of sales transactions.

October 2014

Charts on Reports

Reporting to your Limited Partners was never more interesting. Get a whole array of beautiful charts right on PDF reports sent out to investors.

Reporting Templates

We’ve introduce a completely new reporting package with a more focused and beautiful way to present your fund data. Ask your support representative or email us at for a sample pack.

New Dashboards

Your fund, investor and asset dashboards just became more interactive with a complete overhaul of the design and layout. It has never been easier to get the information you need with a single tap.

September 2014

Interactive Visualizations

Your charts just got more interactive. You can now create custom charts by dragging and dropping variables such as commitment, undrawn commitment, valuation, total invested, DPI and RVPI.

Out of the box compatibility with LDAP and Active Directory

You could already sign in to Fundwave using your Google Apps for Business account, saving you the headache of managing two sets of user credentials. Now, you could also opt to sign in with the same credentials that you use to authenticate on your organization’s systems.

August 2014

Management Fees on NAV

In addition to calculating management fees on Commitment and Cost of Investment, you can now calculate management fees for your investors on the basis of Net Asset Value.

Sending Emails to your Investors

Now send reports straight to your investors using the in-built email functionality of Fundwave.

Xero Support for General Ledger Entries

We have added support for the Xero accounting package, enabling you to generate GL entries from Fundwave and sync them with Xero.

July 2014

Sign in with Google

Funds using Google Apps for Business can now sign-in to Fundwave using the same credentials, enabling a singular access management strategy for Fundwave and other enterprise data.

June 2014

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