14 Fund Admin Myths Busted!

1. Fund admin software is hard to use.

Absolutely not! Fundwave’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for users of all levels to contribute.

2. The law wants us to outsource fund administration.

Blasphemy! Fund administration has been traditionally outsourced not because of law but because specialized PE knowledge was expensive and rare. Not anymore with Fundwave!

3. Fund admin software is not secure.

With enterpise grade 2048 bit encryption, using Fundwave is immessaurably more secure than sending that spreadsheet over email.

4. Fund admin software won’t fit into our operations compliance standard.

No! Fundwave has in-built process workflows with four-eyes check along with role based access control.

5. I will lose my importance if the software can do it.

Are you serious? There is nothing worse than knowledge silos in your team. Using Fundwave will bring in new levels of productivity for your team and faster career growth for you.

6. Fund admin software is not flexible.

Not Fundwave, which allows you to define your own variables, create your own reporting formats and do everything that you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t.

7. Fund admin software is not transparent.

No! With Fundwave you can get transparency reports that explain how a calculation was done.

8. Fund admin software is hard to implement.

Maybe yes for others, but not Fundwave. You can get up and running in days, not months.

9. Training new users is expensive.

Not on Fundwave, with its intuitive user interface and detailed online documentation.

10. Fund admin software is not enterprise ready.

Some may not be, but Fundwave is. Robust integration with your organization’s single sign on & daily backups make Fundwave the best of breed enterprise fund admin software.

11. ‘Enterprise fund admin software’ is expensive.

Wrong. With FundCloud licenses that start at $500/mo, you can’t go wrong with Fundwave.

12. Fund admin software = Excel replacement.

Fundwave complements rather than replace Excel. You can call custom Fundwave functions from within your excel spreadsheet.

13. Fund admin software has limited functionality.

Nopes, with over hundereds of features, Fundwave is the most feature packed fund admin software available today.

14. Fund admin software can’t be evaluated.

Nopes, start your evaluation of Fundwave when you want, free for 14 days.