One central workspace for venture capital funds

Dealflow Management

Stay laser focused on the right investment opportunities that qualify your VC fund's investment thesis.

Portfolio KPIs

Collect what you want, when you want. Whether it's the latest board report or last month's financials, Fundwave is totally configurable to your needs.


Centralized management for captables for all your portfolio companies. Have the latest, most accurate version on your fingerprints, always.

Fund Administration

Investor Close. Carried Interest. Management Fees. Improve your efficiency by automating even the most complex allocations.

Investor Reporting

Generate and share the latest capital call, or your quarterly reports with limited partners securely via the Fundwave Investor Portal.


Connect with Gmail and Outlook to sync deal conversations, or DocuSign your quarterly reports when sending them to your investors.

Venture Capital funds around the world run on Fundwave

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