One central workspace for your fund of funds

Portfolio Monitoring

Get a bird's eye view of all your fund investments, or go deep into portfolio company performance for a particular fund.

Fund Administration

Investor Close. Carried Interest. Management Fees. Improve your efficiency by automating even the most complex allocations for your fund of funds.

Fund Accounting

Automated journals for all your capital calls, fund investments and more. Organized and in one place for your fund of funds.

Investor Reporting

Produce industry-standard reports at a click or design your own, all without involving any tech experts.

Transparent Investor Relations

Share the latest capital call, or your quarterly fund performance reports with limited partners securely via a dedicated Investor Portal.

Dealflow Management

Stay focused on the right fund investments and keep your email conversations with GPs and fund documents in a single, secure place.

Fund of funds around the world run on Fundwave

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