JCurve is a flexible workspace that works as good for angel investors and micro-VC's as it does for large venture capital and private equity fund houses.

Seed investor

$ 25 /mo

per company

Record investments, realizations & valuations
Model forecasted cashflows & IRR's
Slice & dice by sector, region, deal type etc
Model SAFEs & Convertible Notes
Request custom KPIs, updates & files
Minimum 10 companies

7-day trial

Enterprise investor

$ /mo

per company

Everything in 'Growth investor', and
Single Sign On
Single tenant database
Granular access rights
Premier support @ $3k/mo onwards
Minimum 25 companies

7-day trial

Pre-seed investor?

If your deal size is less than US$500k, get a 33% discount on standard pricing. Learn more.
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