Track your Investment Story

Start by recording where it all began - the date and amount of investment.
Go on to track more events - conversions, follow-on investments and valuations.
Close the chapter by booking realizations as your investment matures.


Track your investments as they grow.
Value them by the latest rounds or enter a custom share price.


Metrics you want, when you want

Metrics Dashboard

Track the metrics that matter.

Select from a range of sample metrics or create your own metrics.

Analyze the performance of your portfolio companies.

Metrics Dashboard

Make it easy for your portfolio CFO's.

Collect portfolio metrics, files and text updates seamlessly.

Communicate better with your portfolio companies by collecting what you want, when you want.

Easy enough that your portfolio CFO’s will thank you for it.

Submission Screen

A bird's eye view.

Manage your portfolio updates with the Fundwave Requests Overview.

Create requests, send reminders and collect regular updates from all your companies, from a single dashboard.

Requests Screen

Know your Co-Investors

Identify common friends and co-investor trends across all your companies

CoInvestors Dashboard

View FD Stakes across investors, instruments and rounds

Captable Dashboard