Portfolio management that works.

Track the metrics that matter.

Select from a range of sample metrics or create your own metrics to analyze the performance of your portfolio companies.

Make it easy for your portfolio CFO's.

Collect portfolio metrics, files and text updates seamlessly.

Communicate better with your portfolio companies by collecting what you want, when you want. Easy enough that your portfolio CFO’s will thank you for it.

A bird's eye view.

Manage your portfolio updates with the Fundwave Requests Overview.

Create requests, send reminders and collect regular updates from all your companies, from a single dashboard.

Report to impress

Custom design reports that generate at a tap. Send reports right from the JCurve app.

Submitting KPIs and Updates

Deliver KPIs and updates seamlessly.Give way to better communication with your investors.


JCurve is a flexible workspace that works as good for angel investors and micro-VC's as it does for large venture capital and private equity fund houses.

Seed investor

$ 25 /mo

per company

Record investments, realizations & valuations
Model forecasted cashflows & IRR's
Slice & dice by sector, region, deal type etc
Model SAFEs & Convertible Notes
Request custom KPIs, updates & files
Minimum 10 companies

7-day trial

Enterprise investor

$ /mo

per company

Everything in 'Growth investor', and
Single Sign On
Single tenant database
Granular access rights
Premier support @ $3k/mo onwards
Minimum 25 companies

7-day trial

Pre-seed investor?

If your deal size is less than US$500k, get a 33% discount on standard pricing. Learn more.