Effective Starting: September 24, 2021

This Expanded Coverage Addendum (“Addendum”) applies solely to your use of any edition of Cloud Products designated as “Enterprise”. This Addendum supplements and forms part of the Fundwave Cloud Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) solely with respect to such use. Any capitalized terms used but not defined below have the meanings set out in the Agreement.

Any references to Cloud Products below shall be construed only to include the foregoing qualifying Cloud Products. This Addendum does not apply to any other products or editions.

Enhanced Performance Warranty

We warrant, for your benefit only, that (i) the Cloud Product will operate in substantial conformity with the applicable Documentation and (ii) we will not materially decrease the functionality or overall security of the Cloud Product during the applicable Subscription Term. For clarity, these additional warranties are deemed to be part of the Performance Warranty set forth in Section 17 (Warranties and Disclaimer) of the Agreement and, accordingly, are subject to Section 17.3 (Warranty Remedy) and Section 17.4 (Warranty Disclaimer) of the Agreement.