Compare Pricing Plans

Number of investors per fund
Upto 25
Upto 100
Upto 500
AUM / total commitments per fund
Upto $15M
Upto $100M
Upto $500mn
Investors / LPs Record your investor details
+ loan accounts
+ loan accounts
Commitments Record commitments spanning multiple closes and transfers
Capital notices Calls & distributions on commitments or your own variables / keys
Record expenses & incomes Record expenses, incomes directly or through a bank import
Multi-currency support Invest, expense and realize using other currencies
Across funds Post transactions across multiple funds in one go. Requires subscription for 2 or more funds
Record by tax lots Choose which tax lots to sell
Management Fees Charge management fees as a % of commitment or cost of investment
Late payment fees for subsequent LPs Charge a late fees for investors who join in a subsequent close
Carried interest / distribution waterfall Soft and hard hurdles expressed as % or multiple. Add multiple layers.
+ multiple layers
+ multiple layers
Side letters Charge different management fees, late payment interest and carried interest from different investors.
Carry projection Forecast carry based on actual and forecasted investor cashflows.
Capital calls Make capital calls
Investor close / equalization Rebalance and calculate interest when new investors join
Transfer of commitment Transfer commitment between LPs
Allocations on commitment Allocate in the ratio of commitment of investors
Allocations on custom variables Allocate on your own variables, such as undrawn commitment or drawdowns
Excused investors Excuse specified investors from certain investments
Allocation keys Take greater control by creating your own allocation keys
LP contributions by stock LPs can pay by stock instead of cash. Helpful if you're a corporate fund now onboarding external investors.
LP distributions by stock Transfer stock to LPs instead of realization cash. Helpful when your companies go public, or at the end of fund life
Fund accounting with granular journals Each journal is tagged to an investor or investment
Automatic journals Journal entries are posted automatically when you do capital notices, investments or valuations
Bank import Import a bank statement or an OFX file
Financial Statements Balance sheet, Income statements and more
Standard reports Standard financial statements, NAV statements and other reporting for a fund
Interactive dashboards Interactive dashboards with custom columns, one-click export to excel
+ across funds
+ across funds & currencies
+ across funds & currencies
Fundwave functions for Excel Create live reports with your Fundwave data. e.g. =FW.NAV()
DIY custom reporting Custom reporting without the need to learn SQL
DocuSign Sign notices and other documents before sending to investors
Fixer Pull exchange rates automatically
Excel Our Excel addons include Report Builder and Fundwave Functions
SSO Sign in with Active Directory or LDAP
Single Tenant Single tenant database, with hosting and backups in a location of your choice
Premier Support Faster response times, senior support team, phone support and more
7-day trial
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Special Purpose Entities

For organizations investing through special purpose entities.

  • Record KPIs
  • Model Exit Waterfalls
  • Record Rounds & Captables
  • Jcurve projections
  • Publish key KPIs
  • Interactive dashboards
  • Share files securely
  • Granular permissions for team members of your investor
  • Self service options for investors
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Purchasing FAQs

What is Fundwave's privacy policy and does it comply with GDPR?
For more information on GDPR compliance and Fundwave’s Privacy Policy, click here.
FundCloud is our unique private cloud offering which takes exhaustive responsibility of running and maintaining your Fundwave instance on our resources. When you choose this option, you need not hire additional technology staff to maintain server hardware, software upgrades and other general maintenance. We promise you that the Software will work as defined in the SLA. When you choose the FundCloud, you are billed quarterly or annually. While there is no On-Premise option, you can choose to subscribe for FundCloud+, our private cloud offering, where you have greater control over the infrastructure.
Certainly. It is likely that the feature you request is already under development or is planned to be launched in the next version of the software. If the feature is not planned yet, we can add it to our product roadmap. When you contact us, we can prioritize the development of the feature.
With your FundCloud subscription, you will continue to receive support as long as you’re in the contract. If you've purchased an additional support plan, your contract for additional support will expire after it's duration and you will need to renew your support (at your discretion).
FundCloud customers receive 24×7 support where our engineers work around the clock to fully maintain, manage and support every aspect of your instance. For complete details see Support Offerings
Fundwave accepts the following payment methods: Credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) via our Stripe checkout. This option is only available for low value payments less than $5,000. For payments above $5,000, we accept bank transfers via ACH, US Wire Transfer and SWIFT. These can take up to 1-4 business days for clearance through our banking facilities. We don't usually accept mailed checks. Fundwave’s payment terms are strictly Net 0-day. This means that the license or FundCloud subscription will only be made available after full payment is received. If you have placed your order but find that you are waiting for your organisation to actually make the payment, you can contact us and request a fully-functional evaluation license to help you cope with any bureaucratic delays.
We employ enterprise grade security standards that protect your data against trespassing, stealing and other misuse. Your data is stored in an encrypted form which means that no one except those authorized by you explicitly can access the data that you describe as sensitive. Of course, you may also choose our private cloud option, FundCloud+ to host your data behind your firewall. This is a particularly good option if your data has faced continuous threats in the past that requires constant elevated levels of security.
Yes, Fundwave offers fully functional 7-day evalutions for its flagship fund administration suite. When your evaluation expires we will automatically charge the credit card provided at sign up allowing customers to continue using Fundwave without interruption. Evaluations include access to our support resources. However, please note that we do not provide data backups for evaluations. Only our annual customers can avail our enterprise grade data backup services. Fundwave does not offer extensions of evaluations, however, we offer full refunds during the first month of paid service following the end of the evaluation if you decide Fundwave isn’t for you. After the first paid month, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.