Meet Sonit: Jack of some trades at Fundwave

By Aisha Wehrle October 06, 2021

A Day in the life at Fundwave

How did you come across Fundwave? Why did you decide to join?

I was looking for an internship during the summer and came across Fundwave. It was just the founders then - Mohit & Priyanka, trying to bring modern tech to VCs. I found the idea appealing. My job was to design scenario analysis models around convertible notes and exit waterfalls. I eventually ended up taking a dive into the Fundwave feature release blog and helping out with our customer onboarding processes. The two months flew by, and it felt a natural fit to become a Fundwaver.

What does a typical day look like?

On any given day, I'll talk with different types of people: from a sales call with a small VC fund in Australia to customer success chats with a billion dollar fund in the Pacific - and everything in between. There's no single 'type' of fund that relies on Fundwave, which means that there’s no single way to sell our software, and help our customers make the best use of Fundwave. We have to be quick on our feet and identify the unique value that Fundwave can provide to different funds.

What do you love about your role?

Luckily, we're still at a stage where we get to be quite creative in trying different things. By talking to our qualified leads and customers regularly, I'm able to provide valuable feedback on our product, and improve Fundwave. For instance, the launch of Captables.. We saw that our customers wanted to store their company captables at a single place and were willing to pay for it - and now Captables is a live tool!

What's been your proudest accomplishment since joining Fundwave?

I've had a lot of my career firsts at Fundwave - first blog entry, first product release, first sale, first customer onboarding. I've even picked up some basic code skills along the way (shoutout to our awesome dev team!) and helped do a git commit and master merge.

If I had to choose though, signing-up one of our largest customers (at the time) might rank towards the top. It's always satisfying to see new teams getting excited to incorporate Fundwave in their day-to-day operations.

You joined the company when we were 3 people. What do you hope Fundwave retains when we grow?

I love our company-wide Friday Show & Tell, because I learn what everybody else is working on. The product & engineering team demo the latest features, whereas the sales & customer success team presents the strategies they're pursuing. I also love our quizzing and Skribbl game nights, as they usually lead up to fun and personal hours-long team calls!

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