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Release Notes: Excel Templates, Custom Fields on Reports and More!

By Sonit Agrawal Feb 12, 2020

Use Excel templates to easily collect portfolio updates

Thanks to the Fundwave submit metrics add-on for Excel, your portfolio companies could submit metrics from the comfort of good old spreadsheets. With this update, Fundwave will auto-update the excel template if you edit requested metrics or qualitative updates.

Submit KPIs via Excel
a. Submit KPIs via Excel

Creating new update types is easier than ever

The Feed is your go-to place for private conversations that just can't be lost on a Slack channel, or on email threads. With this update, you can now add update types on the go, thanks to this handy save icon.

Create new update types
b. Create new update types

Also new in Feed are dynamic textboxes. The feed textboxes now adjust height automatically as you type.

Autoheight on updates
c. Auto adjust textbox height

Smarter session timeout: Never lose your unsaved data!

Resume right from where you left off
d. Continue where you left off

Never lose your data inputs, thanks to our smarter session timeouts. If you're signed out, you can now resume your work from where you left off.


Here's a list of all new datapoints to strengthen your custom reports.

  • Custom fields: Are custom reports really custom if they can't pull your custom fields? We asked ourselves this question and bought custom fields to your portfolio reporting. eg: Use the code ${fw.c("Overall Health",asset)} to get details about 'Overall Health' on your reports.

Custom fields on reports
e. Custom fields on reports

  • Equalization trace report: The only report you'll ever need to verify your investor close calcaulations. Drop us an email and we'll add the report on your instance.

Actual values on Investor Portal

Dynamic portal number format
f. Dynamic Number Format

We can't thank micro-funds enough for being at the forefront of the ecosystem and creating the right foundation for the next unicorn. It only makes sense that our interface is also micro-VC friendly. On the investor portal and portfolio tools, now see actual numbers instead of values in millions (500,000 instead of 0.5M)

…and much more!

  • Wider character support: Fundwave now supports all UTF-8 characters - you can now record data in languages such as French, Hebrew and Japanese!

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