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Custom fields for your portfolio companies

By Mohit Garg Nov 27, 2019

What’s the one detail that you record about your portfolio companies that others don’t?

From Sydney and the far east, to Europe and Silicon Valley, managers take pride in their unique style of management that helps their portfolio companies grow bigger and better. After all, unlike listed securities, early stage investments have such different and unique drivers of success that simply can't be captured alone by financials or even operating metrics.

So if a venture capital or private equity investment manager says that they understand the nerve of a particular micro market, all they really say is that they have more data points that have helped them build a better insight than others do. The 'secret sauce' is in large part a combination of knowing what these data points are, and the ability to organize them to derive valuable insights. Think about it, do you dig deeper beyond collecting the basic information such as location, sector or round of investment (Graphic 1) ?

Asset Details form1. Asset details on Fundwave

A set of precise data points specific to the portfolio company help paint a better picture that goes beyond what can be captured by standard fields such as country or sector. For example, what's the Mantra around which the company culture revolves, or what's your rating of the team's health, or if it's a minority or women led business. Unfortunately though, most of software history has been a trade-off between the rigidity but ability-to-analyze of a purpose built software, and the customizability but difficulty-in-analysis of using a spreadsheet. Isn't it high time we had best of the both? Enter custom fields on Fundwave.

Add a custom field
2. Add a new custom field

Before you go looking for your friendly tech genius for help in setting it up, let us surprise you with simplicity and intutiveness of custom fields on Fundwave. All you need to do is select the type of the field you want, give it a name and your new field is good to go (Graphic 2). You can also update a custom field definition with the same ease should you need to make a change (say, you want to add another dropdown option) (Graphic 3).

Edit a custom field
3. Edit an existing custom field

Custom fields are made for investment managers who always like to stay a step ahead of the game. Go ahead. Take control, make your own rules, and up the ante another bit.

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